Alleyway in St. Kilda, Melbourne
 Opposite seasons down under, wearing a scarf in July
 Mahjong players in Springvale, Melbourne
 Office at Urban Neighbours of Hope
 Grandfather walking with grandchildren, Springvale, Melbourne
 Australia Post
 Picking up used heroin needles in Springvale
 Bowling with my roommate Deb, friend Phony from Laos and her daughter
 St Kilda
 Australians really do love their Vegemite!
 Watch out for wild kangaroos!
 Koala bear
 With my dear friend Lindy
 12 Apostles on Great Ocean Road
 With friends on a cold, windy day exploring the Great Ocean Road
 Visiting a Buddhist temple in Springvale
 View of the Sydney Harbour Bridge while waiting for a train
 Did you know there are penguins in Australia?
 Feeding a kangaroo...they can be rough and mean!
 Sydney Opera House
 Sydney Harbour Bridge
 Kangaroos on Phillip Island
 Urban Neighbours of Hope team
 Always a party happening at Kelvin Grove
 Beach near Sydney
 Watch out for koalas crossing the road!
 Street sign in New South Wales
 Flinders Street Station, Melbourne
 Opera House and Bridge
 Countryside near Sydney
 New South Wales
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