HI, I'm Jenn.

In October 2001 I was a Southern girl who had moved across the country to Los Angeles to attend graduate school. There was this new thing called “Blogger” and I started an online journal to document my experiences.

I continued to blog as I moved to Melbourne, Australia, New York City, Washington, DC , Camden, New Jersey and Alaska. My first weblog was “Soul Glow” and then when I moved to Australia it transformed into “Sunburned” and finally emerged as “My Restless Life.”

For years I poured out my heart in writing for strangers to read on the internet. At times I was transparent, other times guarded, many, many times passive-aggressive and often ridiculous. Those posts have been archived and will possibly be recycled into book form one day. 

My Restless Life is now an archive of photos of my travels  from 1999 to 2017.